Monday, 26 September 2011

Less Talk. Let's Work.

After I order, i took a seat from a nearby mktng ppl working late. Uber chismacks! Can't help but eavesdrop ( imagine seated 2 meters away.) so the chismaks go on and i sat eating my newly cooked quality pasta served by the crew who tried giving a good suggestion on making ala carte meal into a discounted meal. Anyhow they just failed in serving me the chicken sandwich. Somewhat turned into the microwave and voila! Kunat d buns and not even fresh greens and the chicken pattie somewhat not even hot but neither cold. Someone is not doing his/her job?! Nevertheless the situation goes on and no one complains of their unhappy meal :( will probably think twice if i will eat here again.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Spending Thoughts

Two days ago, i was stopped by these books!!!! Cute noh! If I am wanting to make crafting a bizz, am going to need this! Pricey!

Breakfast Today

A cup of orhanic coffee & batard w/ cream cheese.

- talking employees and complaining with work.
- cable tv on: Goonies!!!!

P30 + P20=D E S S E R T

Have a B.T.I.C. promo on weekdays at their MCS branch then just buy kiwi at the grocery. There goes yummy treats!


It's like a heavy box from the past. 80's time machine. Those days it's a major agenda when you go out to the mall with friends and special sum1. Now its like a thing in the past that i'm still feeling awesome and crazy to play with!


Books I'm reading right now. The day i walked down the isle it snatched me straight my inner being. Two days later It's now in my lovely possesion. I have sinned!