Saturday, 4 April 2015


Often I thought of what was the letter T about? Oh my! It stands for T:Talking... we die talking about our D I E T. Unmindful and often unethical.... check yourself out of places and faces and how many times mentioned, opened the topic with passion, thinking we can change anyone's mind ... But Why?! I am not judging you! Yes you reader.... 

*Then all I hear was the music of The Beatles playing "I started the joke, which started the whole world laughing..... oh if I'd only seen that the joke was on me...."*

"personalized recipe for a hungry me: salad in an unconventional way and chix breast that is soooooo tasty." 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Year End: GAME NIGHT with D.A.S.

Here's to finding excuse to meet and eat! Then you go food comma! How on earth does one last an all nighter game night? I had to bail at 1:47am Boo to me! Enjoyed the night with the wacky fun very close friends----DAS! For the nights menu, Mochi Ice Cream was the winning moment... 3ppk went into food comma before their scheduled gig. And there was the Refrigerator Cake made by Jazz, YUM! Happy New Year to All!
I'm spent and I just feel like I am all over the place.

I can't give-up now?! Especially when all the people around me are giving me negative vibes!

Perspire to inspire!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Lovers Pace

Puzzled i gave in to walk and wonder what it's like to walk and talk with someone at a lovers pace. It's quite refreshing to know that one would not want the road to end or arrive at your destination in a hurried pace. Simply states a feeling one liked to stay on at a slow pace. savoring every moment at a time with the right person (in your heart). In my advancement i thought of the challenge in making it last...How now....together as a couple...taking the adventure to different directions at a different pace....hurdles... Pauses..was it ever considered.